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Tip Tuesday Archive

  • Let's take a look at the advantages of being a multi-sport athlete.  Check out this article from US Lacrosse. What other sports does your daughter play?
  • Let's get pumped for spring! The 2015 U.S. Women's U19 Team shares their stories of how lacrosse has shaped their lives. Check out this must-watch video and get inspired for the season!
  • Let's look at some exercises to keep our bodies limber until we can get back on the field.  Check out this video from Syracuse University with some strength and conditioning exercises.
  • We're changing gears this week and focusing on fuel...keeping our athletes powered up for practices, games, and tournaments.  Check out this article for some tips on what to eat on game day!
  • Let's look at working the fake shot.  This video from Jen Adams will give you some great tips!
  • We're sharing a video from Jen Adams with tips on how to protect your stick! 
  • Let's focus on our awesome goalies! Check out this video from Allie Buote with tips on making great clears! 
  • We take a break from focusing on stick skills. Check out this great article from US Lacrosse, focusing on Team USA and the Nine Habits of Highly Effective Lacrosse Players
  • We take a look at tips for geting control of the draw. Watch this video, Draw Control with Dana Dobbie.
  • We turn to All-American Faye Brust for the fundamentals of one-on-one attack.  Check out Your Edge: Pinch and Pop With Louisville's Faye Brust. 
  • We look at using the Stutter Step to defeat your defender - check out this video with Jen Adams. 
  • We have tips from a player we've seen in action at SU, Kayla Treanor!

    She shares tips on taking a powerful shot...Your Edge: Power Shooting with Syracuse's Kayla Treanor. 
  • We're focusing on Midfield Cutting - check out this video with Amy Appelt. 
  • Coach Jeff shares a video on handling a double team....getting open for a give and go.
  • Learn how to perfect your shot by watching this week's tip from STX Lacrosse - a video of Shooting Tips with Jen Adams.
  • Coach Dan shares an article that has tips from some of the top lacrosse players in the world!  What Does It Take to Be Great? Tips from 35 Team USA Stars.
  • Coach Jeff shares the article, 5 Tips to Be a Better Lacrosse Player
  • We feature a motivational video submitted by Coach Adam. This inspirational video and speech is great for all girls and families...the sacrifice it takes to be successful...TEAM,TEAM,TEAM!